Wednesday, December 31, 2008

They Should be Happy Now---the Tank is Half Empty

by Rod Taylor Deputy Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada
For several years now, the "coalition" parties have been calling for a slowing of development, less industry, less consumption of manufactured goods---all in the name of "saving the environment". Based on faulty science and propelled by hype, the bogus claim that CO2 is responsible for yet-unproven global warming has been the justification for policies worldwide more likely to usher in oppressive world government than to produce cleaner air or more sustainable forests and ice floes.

Now that a confluence of political and economic forces has resulted in a series of financial crises and we have the results so sought-after by the confused (less development, less industry, less consumption), one would expect the leaders of the movement to be ecstatic. Instead, they are racing around looking for ways to stimulate the economy, support the big auto business and protect the "rights" of political parties to feed from the public trough.

While conspiring to overthrow the government, they talk about "working together". While opposing corporate tax cuts, they insist on multi-billion dollar corporate bailouts. Happy with half-truths, they use the term "pay equity" to energize their base, rather than "equal pay for equal work", a concept we could all agree on. They use "death with dignity" to justify the killing of the aged and the infirm. George Orwell, in "1984" exposed this insidious abuse of language as a prop for the acceptance of evil. Public deception at public expense is a public disgrace.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Isn't it interesting...

by Elaine Taylor
Isn't it interesting.

If we take CHP into the public square, we are too religious.

We let liars speak in the public square. We are so tolerant.

We let wreckers speak in the public square. We are so tolerant.

We let God-haters speak in the public square. We are tolerantly dumb.

We pay, with our taxes, liars, wreckers, censors, & God-haters (whether misguided or intentional, the result is the same), to indoctrinate us. (national broadcasting, public education).

If we take CHP into the church, we are too political.

We say we believe in absolutes. Some things are wrong.

We say we believe absolute truth can only be based in God's Truth.

Do we really believe this?

Do we have convictions, or do we have mere preferences?

Do we have boldness or do we have timidity?

You may believe our "true North (is) strong & free", but why are you whispering?

Are church leaders more afraid of losing their tax exempt status than their freedom?

They will lose their tax-exempt status eventually anyway, and then their freedom, because both will be taken away. Better to lose it on principle, standing for what is right, than simply concede defeat to secular

What part of Christian Heritage Party is so scary or irrelevant or inappropriate or unscriptural that it cannot be presented with equal opportunity when we are faced with fulfilling our civic duty, that is, participating in the democratic privilege of helping to choose our country's leaders?

The secularists (our state religion) have no qualms about using the state's institutions to promote their Godless agenda. They are true to what they believe, while we won't even talk about the issues in the congregation lest we offend someone who disagrees.

We're taught throughout scripture & in church that the man of integrity has a walk consistent with his talk. The unbeliever's biggest complaint against Christians that I have heard over the years is this hypocrisy. Granted, with the world we're damned if we do & damned if we don't. But for which would you rather be criticised?

Do we really believe our faith should affect all areas of our lives? Well what about our politics? Does it make sense - is it consistent - to acknowledge as a legal & viable contender for Canada's leadership, a political party that upholds the very value system and democracy that derives from JudeoChristian foundations? No other party can claim that.

If 'viable' is a word that chokes you up, you must be fair and consider this: Our eda has about 60,000 eligible voters, with appr. 40,000 of those turning out to vote. 40,000 voters have the opportunity, the freedom, to vote for a CHP candidate. Every single one has that one vote with which to do the right thing, or to throw away to someone with whom they only agree somewhat. So how can you say CHP doesn't have a chance? Where does chance come into it? Do Christians go into the voter's cubicle blindfolded & play pin the X on the donkey? Or spin a wheel of fortune? It sounds like CHP would have better odds of winning that way than counting on Christians who prefer to play with a stacked deck, having already replaced the King with a jack.

If you & each of your friends & each of their friends simply voted on principle, and trusted God for the results, we could begin to reclaim the territory the secularists have stolen from our grandchildren. Since when does strategy qualify as faith? If we believe God is in control, then we'd better be caught doing what is right & good & true & acting in faith, for surely He is faithful, whatever the results. We know that in this life we won't always see the results of our making good choices - sometimes the right choice is even to our own hurt - at the time, anyway. But God is the ultimate judge, & we do not need to strategise for Him. We obey. He is faithful. Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord.

Friday, December 05, 2008

A Letter to Canadians from the CHP National Leader

December 4, 2008 by Jim Hnatiuk

Fundamental to good government is honesty, integrity and transparency. Regrettably, i
t is the total departure from these attributes that has brought instability, vain conceit and disingenuous motives to our nation's capital.

Prime Minister Harper must bear much of the blame for this crisis; the Conservative Party is after all the instigator. Leaders must lead, but equally important is the need to serve the people. The failure to provide conciliatory leadership during a minority government has resulted in today's chaos. Most Canadians do believe that the issue that precipitated this conflict was the Prime Minister's threat to cut subsidies to political parties.

Eliminating such subsidies is not an attack on democracy as the coalition members decry, but would represent a return to democracy. While the CHP would applaud the policy, it was unfortunately, recklessly proposed by the PM.

It should be pointed out to Canadians, that contrary to what they hear in the media, not all political parties benefit from such a funding scheme. The CHP has never received such funding, but is 100% member supported and funded.

The NDP and Liberals may never admit it, but the selfish ambition of the coalition is obvious and their attempts to convince Canadians to the contrary are pitiable. Driven together through greed, they saw an unprecedented opportunity to gain leverage and power, so they selfishly put partisanship aside and entered into negotiations for power with the Bloc.

While the Canadian economy is not collapsing, the economic signals are worrisome. Indeed, according to most analysts, Canada is one of the healthiest of the G8. It is also untrue, that the Conservative government has done nothing. On the contrary, they have acted with prudence in the face of the global economic crisis. There have been tax reductions at both the personal and the corporate levels which in themselves will act to modestly stimulate the economy. The question is, can we do more, and where should we put our focus?

Should we bail out the ailing auto industry? This requires careful analysis, not a quick fix by throwing millions of taxpayer's dollars at a patient that may not survive.
It needs to be pointed out that Canada is in desperate need of infrastructure renewal, and this has been the case for some time. Cities for successive elections have begged Ottawa to do something to help them cope with the problem. This is an issue on which all of the parties in the House of Commons have failed Canada.

The CHP has proposed for some time, an infrastructure policy that has already been used successfully in Canada. It's a simple, non-inflationary policy that was applied in Canada at the end of WWII. Implemented by the Liberals under C.D. Howe, McKenzie King's minister of reconstruction, it worked very well.

The Bank of Canada would issue interest-free loans to cities, municipalities, provinces and Crown corporations for infrastructure projects, such as water and sewage treatment systems, airports, bridges etc... which are in dire need of revamping. The builder, the province, would collect revenues from increased economic activity, which would be used to pay back the interest free loan and the money would then be withdrawn from the economy, so it wouldn't have an inflationary consequence. But the improved infrastructure would remain.

This policy has been used successfully in our nation's history, and should be implemented again to enable communities to meet urgent, current needs.

In addition, Canada would benefit greatly if out of this crisis emerged a truly democratic parliament with proportional representation, where the vote of every citizen would count, and political parties succeeded or failed depending on their own grassroots support, rather than feeding at the public trough. Such improvements to our democracy would benefit our nation by empowering the grassroots political involvement of citizens, leading to a more active electorate and increased voter turnout.

The CHP is a federal party that continues to offer Canada stability, honesty and loyalty. The CHP will only seek to lead through service, according to principle, for the good of the country, not just for the good of our political party.

Now that the Governor General has prorogued parliament, we hope that cooler heads will prevail in the coming months.

We know that during these times the focus should be on Canadian families and not the corporate sector. Before any policy is implemented, the question must be asked, "Is this good for Canadian families?"

Canadians should also note that all other parties have failed to put integrity and respect for human life ahead of power and finances. This abandonment of historic moral principles leaves all of them without a defence in claiming the moral high ground.

Historically, it has never been more important, that our nation's leaders recognize the constitutional requirement that Canada be governed in light of principles that recognizes the supremacy of God and the rule of law. Those principles made Canada the most desirable place in the world to live; and only the CHP is committed to restoring those principles for all Canadians.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Highlights of the CHP Leadership Convention

by Pastor Eric Pennings CHP Prayer/Ethics/Personnel (PEP) Director

A week has passed now since the Leadership Convention has come to a close. We are very excited about the events of the convention. Allow me to highlight just some of the events:

1) Farewell Tribute to Party Leader Ron Gray – At the opening session of the convention, we dedicated an entire evening to celebrate the 13 years of leadership which he provided for the party. He and his wife, Janet, have sacrificed much for the advancement of the Christian Heritage Party through the years. This event was hosted by past deputy leader, Ian Knight, and his wife Leslie. Many members participated in giving tribute to Ron & Janet.

2) New Party Leader Elected - Three candidates for Party Leadership were presented. It was exciting to hear the presentations and participate in several Q&A sessions with the candidates. Jim Hnatiuk, former deputy leader, was elected as our new Party Leader on the first ballot, suggesting a strong mandate among the convention delegates. Please see attached media file for more information on him. The other two nominees for the leadership position made passionate presentations and presented visions that we will be able to capitalize on. Both are on the board in leadership positions. We have a strong and enthusiastic board with a clear vision for advancing the CHP over the next few years. The need to build membership has been acknowledged to be the most important challenge facing us. This will require the participation and commitment of every CHP member to the goal of providing a candidate in all 308 electoral districts across our country.

3) Youth Come Out With a Strong Voice – We had a higher percentage of youth at the convention that we have ever had at previous conventions. Not only were they present, but they participated vigorously in the debates on the resolutions. What a joy to see these youth represent the present face of the CHP and provide a promising future for the CHP. Along with attending all events planned for the convention, they met together in additional sessions. We anticipate that we will hear more from them as they strengthen in numbers and vision for youth involvement across Canada.

4) Twenty-one Resolutions Debated – Our chairman, former board president Mr. Tom Kroesbergen, chaired the plenary sessions and effectively led us through a heavy agenda of resolutions that were presented for debate. We trust that the Lord led our decisions and that each decision will bring glory to Him.

5) Special Sessions - We enjoyed a presentation by William Gairdner on Thursday night. This was attended by both members and non members. To guide us in our policy discussions, we heard from Ida Mutoigo, from CRWRC, on food sovereignty Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, Nadeem Esmail, from the Fraser Institute, provided us with information and a Q & A session on health care. The Mudde Family entertained us Friday evening.

6) Candidate Appreciation Brunch – On Saturday morning we held a celebratory brunch to honour 241 men and women who have served the party as candidates in seven federal elections since 1988. Of these candidates two were highlighted. Baird Judson served in all seven elections as a candidate in PEI. Former Party Leader Ron Gray has led the way as a candidate six elections and five by-elections).

7) New Board Presented – The new board was presented as follows:

National Executive: Party Leader: Jim Hnatiuk

Deputy Leader: Rod Taylor

Executive Director: Vicki Gunn

President: Larry Spencer

Vice-President: Leslie Bartley

Treasurer: Luke Kwantes

Secretary: Marcia Kroesbergen

PEP Director: Eric Pennings

Provincial Presidents: BC – Harold Ludwig

AB – Sya Strydhorst

SK – Harold Stephan

MB – David Reimer

ON – Dave Bylsma

QC – Thomas Sabourin

NS – Louise McKeen

Please pray for the positive transition the CHP is going through. Give thanks for Ron Gray's leadership of 13 years. Pray for wisdom for Party Leader Jim Hnatiuk. Pray that the Lord will lead us, His representatives in the public arena, to further growth and vision as a federal political party. All glory and honour to Him.

Jim Hnatiuk Elected New CHP Leader!!

Media Release---London, Ontario November 07, 2008

At its convention in London, Ontario this week, the Christian Heritage Party elected Jim Hnatiuk of Nova Scotia to be its new leader. The leadership race was the central event of the convention. Ron Gray, CHP Leader for the past 13 years, is passing the torch to Mr. Hnatiuk, a zealous candidate, party recruiter and former Deputy Leader.

CHP delegates gave their resounding support to Mr. Hnatiuk with a first ballot win in a 3-way race. The other two candidates were Harold Ludwig of Abbotsford and Rod Taylor of Smithers, British Columbia. Mr. Ludwig is the CHP's BC President and Mr. Taylor has now been appointed Deputy Leader of the party.

Jim Hnatiuk has been a dynamic member of the CHP ever since he first joined in 2002. He became the Interim Nova Scotia President prior to being named the Deputy Leader at the party's 2005 convention in Winnipeg. The party's only candidate in Atlantic Canada in the 2004 election (against incumbent Scott Brison) and 2006 election (against incumbent Gerald Keddy), he has worked tirelessly to expand the CHP's presence in Eastern Canada. As a result, the party ran five candidates in Nova Scotia in the recent election.

"I am absolutely encouraged by the overwhelming support I received," Jim Hnatiuk said. "It gives me the confidence to move forward with the goals and focus that I brought forward in my campaign."

Hnatiuk is looking forward to strengthening the party and building membership across Canada. He also wants to develop new policies to deal with concerns of the poor and low-income Canadians.

Hnatiuk was thrilled to see the increased number of delegates at this convention. "Many of the delegates here are young people," he said, "and they are the ones at the microphones, debating the resolutions."

Hnatiuk has been married to Ellen for 35 years They have two children and two grandchildren. He operates the largest hunting, fishing and taxidermy business in Nova Scotia. He retired from the Canadian Forces in 1995 after 25 years of service having attained the rank of Chief Petty Officer 1st Class.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mighty Host Blogging Interrupted

Due to the non-surprise announcement today of the federal election, I find myself in two campaigns---one for the Electoral District of Skeena-Bulkley Valley (BC) and one for the leadership of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

Although the federal election was engineered by the Prime Minister contrary to his own legislation of fixed election dates, it is an election no Canadian can ignore. Protection of innocent human life, restoration of justice, personal freedom and respect for traditional marriage and families are at stake.

I will be kept busy over the next few weeks and will not have time to post to this site. You can review past articles here or track election info and leadership postings at the two links above. The CHP Leadership Convention will be held in London, Ontario, November 5-8.

You can write me at:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harper Throws Unborn Victims to the Wolves

by Rod Taylor
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Justice Minister Rob Nicholson have shown once again their penchant for cold and calculating strategy by abandoning Bill C-484 (the Unborn Victims of Crime Bill) and its author, fellow-Conservative MP Ken Epp. In a move designed to ensure that they cannot be accused of defending innocent human life, Mr. Nicholson announced his intention to introduce legislation this fall which would effectively scuttle C-484. Mr. Epp, by contrast, has been heroic in his efforts to establish legal protection for the unborn child in the case of a violent attack on its expectant mother where her right to choose life is violated.

The alternate legislation proposed by the Conservative insiders, besides being redundant, suggests only that pregnancy be considered as a factor in sentencing. It does nothing to recognize the loss of a wanted human life, as in the case of Olivia Talbot and her unborn son, Lane, who both died as the result of a gunshot to her abdomen. The attacker in her case testified that he wanted to "get the baby". Olivia's mother is left grieving for her daughter as well as the grandson she will never know. No charges can be laid in the death of the child because no legal recognition exists.

Mr. Harper's motives are clear enough. He is expected to force an election soon and doesn't want the voters to think that he shares Mr. Epp's views on the sanctity of human life. Although C-484 was never about abortion and contains language clearly excluding abortion from its purview, the Justice Minister took the bait offered by its pro-abort attackers and declared (once again): "Our government will not reopen the debate about abortion." I have news for him---the debate has never been closed. Abandoning the most vulnerable members of society cannot be confused with leadership and throwing your friends overboard for crass political advantage does not elicit trust.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bill C-51 should be scrapped, not ‘amended’

Ron Gray – Leader of the Christian Heritage Party

Health Minister Tony Clement is engaging in sleightof-
hand with his proposed “amendments” to Bill C-51 (an act to
amend the Food and Drug Act and to make consequent
amendment to several other acts). Modifying a definition doesn’t
really amend the draconian powers the proposed new Act gives
the government over health foods and natural medicines.
A bit of background is necessary:
The dominant form of medical care in North America,
allopathic medicine, was primarily adopted because of the
influence of one man—and he was not a doctor—who in 1913
was given the authority by John D. Rockefeller to administer the
profits of the newly-created Rockefeller Foundation. That
foundation, created to shelter part of the huge Rockefeller
empire from America’s new Income Tax Act; the Foundation’s
profits from sheltered shares in Standard Oil (now Exxon) were
to be used for two purposes: education in the poorer regions of
the American South; and medical research.
The administrator of the funds visited Leipzig, in
Germany, to learn how medicine was being practiced there. He
found doctors commited to surgery and pharmaceuticals, so that
was the kind of medicine to which he committed the Rockefeller
funds. The only North American school teaching that kind of
medicine at the time was Johns-Hopkins; so they got all the
money. It didn’t take long for other university medical schools to
learn how to access the Rockefeller millions: they quickly
adopted the Leipzig model. The graduates of those schools
became the founders of the American Medical Association.
Thus did allopathic medicine come to dominate health
care in North America. The irony is that John D. Rockerfeller’s
personal physician was a homeopath—as is Queen Elizabeth’s
personal physician today.
Bill C-51 is, at its core, an attempt to force natural and
traditional medications into the same regulatory framework as
pharmaceuticals. If Vitamin C, for example, is declared a “drug”
and required to have a DIN (Drug Identification Number), only
Big Pharma can afford the laboratory research necessary.
Of course the government agencies have a role to play
in protecting the public; but the way to do that is not by handing
the protection role over to Big Pharma and the food
conglomerates, as this government has been doing. The CHP
would instruct Health Canada to make the public and the
medical profession aware of dangerous or mis-labeled products,
so Canadians can make informed choices about their own health
care; and to prosecute manufacturers who make or import mislabeled
or dangerous products.
But Bill C-51 is a veiled attempt to hand control over
traditional and natural health products to Big Pharma and the
Health Canada bureaucracy.
The Conservatives have had a very friendly relationship
with Big Pharma. One example is Ken Boessenkool, Stephen
Harper's close friend and policy advisor for years, who is now a
registered lobbyist working on behalf of Merck Frosst Canada.
Remember how this government handed $300 million to Merck
for a campaign to make young girls in Canada guinea pigs in
tests of an HPV vaccine? Lifesite News reports that in the USA,
that campaign has been associated with at least five deaths in
just over a year—not to mention thousands of reports of adverse
effects, hundreds that were deemed serious, and many that
required hospitalization.
That’s not the regime that should regulate Canadians’
health care, and they should certainly not be handed a monopoly
on vitamins and natural health products. It’s worth noting that
thousands of people die every year from the use (or mis-applied
use) of potent pharmaceuticals. But as far as I’ve been able to
find out, no one has ever died from natural health products.
Bill C-51 should be scrapped, not “amended” as the
Tories propose; because even as amended, it still gives the
government the hidden power to define vitamins and health
foods as “drugs”, and impose excessively draconian regulations
on them.

PO Box 4958, Station E Ottawa ON K1S 5J1
Vol 15, No 31 This Communiqué may be copied August 12, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mark Penninga Brings ARPA's Vision to the Bulkley Valley

by Rod Taylor
On July 27 and 28, ARPA's Executive Director, Mark Penninga addressed gatherings in Smithers and Houston, BC about the role ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action) can play in the struggle to return Canada's public policies and institutions to to a biblical worldview.

Being born and raised in the Bulkley Valley, and well known by his audience, Mark brought his message comfortably but very compellingly. His sincere desire was evident---to convey to his listeners his conviction that all family-oriented citizens and especially those who hold a Christian view of life have a responsibilty to work for change and to seek the transformation of our culture.

Mark has been setting a good example since taking on the position of Executive Director. The ARPA website
has been attracting lots of traffic and contains a lot of research on family issues. Local ARPA groups are being motivated across Canada, including the Bulkley Valley ARPA.

Innovative projects, such as the "hay bales and crosses" display in Southern Alberta have drawn public attention to the annual Canadian deaths by abortion of approximately 110,000 innocent human lives.

Mark spoke of "Sphere Sovereignty" and explained that God has ordained authority and responsibility for each of us within several distinct "spheres" such as family, state, church, labour, etc. and that one of our challenges is the encroachment by the state on the other areas of our life, distorting our understanding and limiting our success in achieving the noble and lofty standards established for us by God.

He also correctly identified a humanistic worldview as a form of religion and said "The question isn't WHETHER religion should be mixed with politics but WHICH religion?" Secular humanists want to direct policy-making while pretending to reflect a "non-biased, scientific" point of view. Nothing could be further from the truth. The narrow and intolerant opinions of those who reject God and His just requirements are every bit as "religious" as the tenets of biblical Christianity and are really nothing more than strong feelings.

We are pleased that Mark was able to present his creative vision for the role of ARPA in the Bulkley Valley and we expect to hear much more from this talented young man. We also expect to see BV ARPA taking on some important projects in these "interesting times."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Greatest Threat to Our World

by Ron Gray National Leader of the CHP

What's the greatest threat in the world today? Global warming? Islamic terrorism? Big business? George W. Bush? Barack Obama?

No, it's none of those. The greatest threat to our world is cowardice: the fear of being scorned threatens to dismantle civilization and leave us unprotected in a dog-eat-dog world. Most journalists, politicians and academics are so bound by this irrational fear they're no longer able to think.

Consider what's being done to our economy in the name of discredited theories about "global warming": British Columbia's Liberal government has imposed a ruinous carbon tax that will accelerate inflation. The federal Liberals propose a similar tax. Both Liberals claim the taxes will be "revenue neutral" because they plan to give us a rebate to offset the tax we pay on gasoline and heating fuel. But that tiny rebate won't even begin to offset the inflated costs of everything that has to be moved by ship, rail or truck—almost everything we buy. And it won't offset the damage done to the economy.

The NDP, the Bloc and the Green Party are all in lock-step with the Liberals, afraid to confront a global agency promoting global hysteria over a phony global "problem" that will require a global authority—in short, a propaganda campaign pushing a power grab.

The federal Conservatives lack the courage to declare that the whole hysteria is based on discredited fake "science"; that the so-called "greenhouse gases" are actually beneficial; that the money poured down the "global warming" rat-hole could provide clean drinking water for the Third World; that the very survival of people in poor nations is put at risk because no one in the developed world has the courage to say, "It's a crock!"

And no one seems to have the courage to say that the 400 babies we killed today are precious members of the human family—and we need every one of them. No one seems to have the courage to say it's wrong to teach children that sexual perversions which shorten life expectancy are a "right". No one seems to have the courage to tell the governor of Colorado that decency demands public washrooms be segregated. No one seems to have the courage to say that criminals, in the act of committing a crime, give up some of their "rights"; or that law-abiding citizens have a right and an obligation to defend their homes and their families.

The list of public absurdities goes on and on and on… because the very people who should be leading us are terrified that someone will say something nasty about them if they defend common-sense morality.

The greatest threat to the world is cowardice. And it's growing.

Short Movie Describes Bill C-484

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shifting Baselines, Shifting Sands

by Rod Taylor, CHP Environment Critic

Every culture and every discipline uses tools to evaluate progress and to define the normal and natural state of affairs. People assess new developments and new behaviours based on their current understanding of existing conditions, policies and practices.

In 1995, Daniel Pauly, a fisheries biologist at UBC, coined the phrase “shifting baselines” to describe the incremental lowering of standards as succeeding generations compare existing conditions with those that existed previously but only with those they can remember, those within their own lifetimes. He specifically applied the phrase to environmental conditions and primarily fish stocks. He and researchers following in his path, including Randy Olson, a marine biologist from USC, have made a strong case that degraded levels of fish stocks and other environmental conditions fail to arouse appropriate public concern or action because people are only comparing recent developments with conditions which were already unsatisfactory.

Randy Olson gives this example:
The number of salmon in the Columbia River system today is twice that recorded in the 1930s. This sounds very good. However, the number of salmon in that system in the 1930s was only 10% of the number recorded in the 1800s. If we use the level of stocks found in the 1930s as our baseline for evaluating change, we and future generations will be unable to assess the health of salmon stocks in that system. We would be basing our assessment on a baseline that had shifted.

This concept has been applied to a number of issues and would certainly apply to the conditions surrounding Canadian families today. The cost of homes, the cost of gasoline, annual earnings and the percentage of Canadian families on farms are all items that could be measured and compared with those numbers in former years. More importantly, rates of divorce, incidences of STDs, percentages of single-parent homes, frequency of church attendance, societal norms regarding sexual orientation and the killing of preborn children, attacks on personal freedoms---these are all trends which may be shocking in the short term but are positively appalling when examined over the history of our nation. Indeed, public memory sometimes appears to be very short. In 1999, Parliament voted overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage but for many Canadians the baseline has become the 2003 parliamentary approval of same-sex marriage following the misleading rulings by courts in three provinces. Children who were in grade three in 1999 are graduating this year in a nation where sexual deviancy is protected by the courts and promoted as normal in many public school classrooms. Children in grade three today have never known a Canada where traditional marriage values were considered the baseline.

The sports analogy of “moving the goalposts” has often been used to describe the changing of rules, the redefining of normative behaviour and the departure from traditional societal patterns and expectations. “Shifting baselines” could be applied to sports as well, using the analogy of baseball. Imagine a baseball player trying to reach third base only to discover that third base had moved. If the umpire and the fans were to judge that player’s performance based on the new baseline rather than on the original baseline, he would not only be ruled “out” but would likely be ridiculed for his apparent failure to follow the rules. So it is with today’s attacks on Christian values---attacks in the courts, in the media and in the bureaucratic institutions we call government. Today we have schoolteachers being punished for challenging the sexual indoctrination of children, commissioners of oaths being fined and dismissed for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples, something that was illegal until 2003, pastors being ordered not to preach and teach biblical views about homosexuality and grandmothers being arrested for praying too close to abortion clinics.

The tendency of people and societies to forget the distant past could also be described by the analogy of “shifting sands”. Those peoples who live in sandy deserts know that the relentless winds can quickly cover their tracks. As they seek to find their way home or to a life-sustaining oasis, they must have other landmarks because the shifting sands of the desert hide the past and obliterate their path.

We do have other landmarks. We have the Bible and the clear instructions it contains for moral living, family structure and personal holiness. Our baseline must not become the standards of the fallen society around us but the unchanging standards of Almighty God. We have a plumbline that does not fail and does not change. We need to hold fast to the Word of God. Only then can we hope to set a standard for this generation and shine a light on the path of those who will follow us.

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chicken Little and Global Warming

by Rod Taylor, CHP Environmental Policy Critic

Do you remember the children’s story about Chicken Little? The tiny chick was struck on the head by a falling acorn and decided that the sky must be falling. The little bird kept repeating the story so convincingly that soon all the other barnyard fowl were in a panic and they ran off to warn the king. In the earliest version of this fable, they met a fox on the way who took advantage of their hysterical state and gobbled them up. In the more modern versions, (revisionism everywhere) they managed to escape the fox and Chicken Little received an umbrella from the king to prevent being struck by another acorn.

Today this fairytale has come to life. Many well-meaning people, including NDP Environment critic Nathan Cullen have been taken in by Al Gore’s powerful propaganda movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. Politicians of all stripes are hurriedly implementing carbon taxes and “cap and trade” schemes to soothe the afflicted consciences of Canadians who desperately want to help save Planet Earth. These carbon taxes will never be “revenue neutral” but are already playing a role in the skyrocketing price of oil and gasoline. “Cap and trade” and “carbon offsets” do nothing to solve environmental problems but do add another level of taxpayer-funded bureaucracy, leaving even less money in the hands of Canadians to pay for their transportation and heating needs.

MP Cullen continues to promote this outlandish fairytale in spite of the growing mountain of data that conflicts with the “Global Warming” hoax. To date, over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition to “cease and desist” from aggressive carbon-focused policies and treaties like Kyoto, which they say will damage our economy and impede our efforts to curb real pollution.
Every responsible citizen wants to reduce man-made chemical toxins in our environment but water vapour and carbon dioxide are not toxins. They are beneficial gases needed for life and plant growth. There is NO evidence that miniscule increases in CO2 levels are contributing to global warming. Natural cycles have always existed and sunspot activity is most likely at the core of any real climate change. Unlike Al Gore’s “hockeystick” graph, historical evidence suggests that increases in CO2 levels follow periods of global warming, rather than preceding them. There is also evidence today that the planet may be entering a cooling phase.

Fear and panic are tools used to manipulate and control people and to wring more money out of them for ever-expanding government. Chicken Little and the alarmist flock may be making a flap in Parliament but it’s taxpayers who will have to pay when the chickens come home to roost. Let’s take our finger off the panic button and focus on the things we can change: reducing real pollution, ensuring clean drinking water for ourselves and our children (that includes protecting the Sacred Headwaters, something Nathan and I agree on) and pursuing realistic energy alternatives for the future.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Poland in an Uproar after Coercive Abortion Pressure Put on 14-Year-Old by Planned Parenthood

By John-Henry Westen

WARSAW, June 10, 2008 () - Polish media is awash with the case of a 14-year old girl who is being pressured into abortion by the country's most prominent abortion activist, Wanda Nowicka of the Polish branch of Planned Parenthood.

The girl, who appears in the media under the nickname "Agata", found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend three months ago. However, rather than supporting her, her family directed her to Planned Parenthood to arrange for legal permission for an abortion.

Currently Polish law does not penalize abortion when the pregnancy is a result of crime. In such cases abortion is permitted till the twelfth week of pregnancy. Agata's case was qualified for non-punishable abortion since it involved sexual relations under the age of 15. She is now 10 or 11 weeks pregnant.

While permission was being secured by Planned Parenthood, the girl complained to a teacher that she did not want to abort her child. Hospitals in her home town refused to kill her unborn child, saying that the girl seemed to be pressured into the abortion by her mother and abortion activists. A priest friend and some pro-life activists offered support to the girl and all the help necessary to carry the baby to term.

Nevertheless, Agata was brought to a Warsaw hospital that agreed to abort her baby. There she spoke to a child psychologist who advised doctors to give the girl some more time to think. Despite that, Agata was told to prepare for the procedure the following day.

At that time, the girl gave conflicting testimony. In face to face conversations with friends, she would admit to being pressured into abortion. At other times she said she wanted an abortion.

In the meantime pro-life groups and prayer groups mobilized to save the girl and her baby from tragedy. The hospital received emails from pro-life advocates urging that the girl not be forced to abort. In addition, one pro-life activist filed an official complaint with the police accusing pro-abortion activist Wanda Nowicka of pressuring the teenager into abortion. Police began an investigation and the media picked up the story.

A court in the girl's hometown issued an order to place her in the custody of a priest at a juvenile center, where she would not be harassed by abortion advocates.

Mariusz Dzierzawski of Warsaw-based pro-life Pro Foundation said that the case demonstrated how the sexual revolution takes its toll on the young, causing a chain of tragedy in their lives. "Sex educators encourage kids to get involved in 'safe sex'. When kids get pregnant as a result, they are offered 'safe abortion'. This is how they destroy the life of the unborn child and of children who become parents too early," Dzierzawski said.

Pro-life activist Jacek Sapa commented: "It's time to break the social taboo and start talking about coerced abortion. Most abortions are forced on women by irresponsible partners, parents or abortion activists. If we are witnessing coercion into abortion, we must act. Sometimes a simple gesture of support and understanding is enough to save a mother and child from the tragedy of abortion."

Agata is now safe and offers of support are flowing in from all over Poland. However abortion advocates have not given up their efforts to convince the girl to change her mind and have the abortion. Reportedly, they are arranging for an abortion for the girl outside Poland.

The pro-abortion Polish major daily "Gazeta Wyborcza", advocated for Planned Parenthood with its coverage claiming that the girl had been raped and wanted an abortion, but was harassed by pro-lifers, who "gave her hell". The misinformation was picked up by far left politicians from a minor post-communist party who attempted to garner support to legalize abortion.

Pro-life women's rights activist Inga Kaluzynska said the case also highlights the harm of clauses in Polish abortion law which remove the penalties for abortion in cases of rape. "Why are we assuming that abortion is a solution for a pregnant woman in a crisis situation? Abortion is always against women," she said. "A victim of rape deserves our help, support and care, not another trauma. Besides, it is the criminal who should pay for the rape, not the innocent baby and its mother. To allow killing the baby conceived in rape is an act of utmost discrimination based on the person's parentage," Kaluzynska concluded.

Polish pro-lifers, especially the priest involved in the case, have come under attack, having received hate mail and death threats.

The case is being seen as the latest example of an scheme often used by pro-abortion activists to have pro-life countries legalize abortion. The scheme involves seeking out the youngest pregnant girl, preferably a rape victim and using her as a poster child to legalize abortion. Similar campaigns have been organized by pro-abortion groups in Nicaragua and Colombia.

To express your thoughts on the case contact:

Poland Minister of Health
Ewa Kopacz
Phone number: (+48 prefix 22) 831 23 24
Fax: (+48 prefix 22) 634 92 13

Polish Embassy in the USA

The Embassy of The Republic of Poland in Washington D.C.
2640 16-th Street, N.W.
Washington DC 20009
phone: (202) 234-3800 ext. 2140

Polish embassy in Canada

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Canada
443 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6H3
Tel. (613) 789-0468
Fax. (613) 789-1218

Polish Embassy in the UK

Ambasada Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
47 Portland Place
Londyn W1B 1JH
Tel.: 0 044 870 774 2700
Fax: 0 044 207 291 35 75 lub 0 044 207 291 35 76

Monday, June 09, 2008

MINORITY TARGETING: Planned Parenthood Goes after Native Americans

by Colin Mason Population Research Institute

The American abortion lobby claims to be an equal-opportunity abortion provider, looking out for the needs and wants of all women. Not so. Big Abortion devotes an inordinate amount of attention to Blacks, Hispanics, and Alaska Natives who, in proportion to their population, have the highest abortion rates in America. Now, eager to add another scalp to its collection, it is turning its sights on Native Americans.

The story begins with the Hyde amendment, which restricts abortion coverage in federal health programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Indian Health Services, although leaving open the typical exceptions: rape, incest, and life of the mother. In other words, the amendment recognizes that a huge portion of American taxpayers oppose abortion, and it respects that opposition by insisting that abortions not be covered by tax-funded health care programs. The Hyde amendment was attached to the Department of Health and Human Services appropriations bill, and passed in 1976.

Although the abortion lobby has attempted to use legal loopholes to avoid these restrictions, the amendment has been able to keep federal funds from actively paying for abortions throughout the years. However, since it needs to be renewed each year with the annual appropriations bill, there is always the chance that the amendment could be weakened or even thrown out entirely. This is what the pro-abortion lobby intends to do with the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. This is what the Vitter amendment, proposed by Senator David Vitter (R-LA), aims to prevent.

The Vitter amendment, approved by the Senate on February 26th, is an amendment to the Indian Health Care Improvement Act that prohibits the "improvements" to Indian health from including funding for abortion. This measure, bitterly opposed by House Democrats, would effectively codify the Hyde amendment into Federal law, making it removable only by an act of Congress.

The abortion lobby, with typical upside-down logic, insists that it is inherently "racist" to deny Native American women the right to abortion. As usual, they have recruited Native American front woman to back them up. "It's a very racist amendment," insists Charon Asetoyer, executive director of the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center, in a statement to the Washington Independent. "it puts another layer of restrictions on the only race of people whose health care is governed primarily by the federal government. All women are subject to the Hyde amendment, so why would they put another set of conditions on us?"

Planned Parenthood is predictably indignant, basing its opposition to the Vitter amendment in the fact that "under current policy, the Hyde Amendment forbids federal funding for abortion in almost all cases. IHS already delivers basic health care services in a manner consistent with the Hyde Amendment. In fact, 25 U.S.C. 1676 subjects IHS funds to restrictions by the Hyde Amendment. Sen. Vitter's amendment is simply a redundancy of current law and would not change current policy."

If this is the case, then what is the big deal? If all that Vitter's amendment does is codify existing law, (and in this case, only in terms of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act), then why is it such a hot point of contention? Why doesn't the abortion lobby oppose all legislation restricting federal abortion funding, not singling out legislation that deals with a minority group like the Native Americans?

In other words, this looks suspiciously like racial profiling. The abortion lobby is quick to label Vitter's amendment "racist," but they are not so quick to notice that they are essentially promoting federally funded abortion for one tiny ethnic group, and nobody else.

But not all Native Americans are fooled by the abortion lobby's rhetoric, contrary to what Planned Parenthood would have us believe. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver, CO, a long-time opponent of abortion, continues to urge voters in his archdiocese to vote against pro-choice legislation and candidates. As he said in a 2007 statement, "it's hard to have a future 'for our children and our children's children' without children, and Planned Parenthood specializes in the business of preventing them."

Other Native Americans would do well to follow Archbishop Chaput's example; rejecting the inflated rhetoric of the pro-abortion left and accepting these efforts for what they really are—an attempt to target an already vanishing minority. Native Americans take pride in their people; we hope that they learn to oppose these measures that strike at the very heart of their future: their children.

Colin Mason is Director of Media Production at Population Research Institute.

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(540) 622-5240, ext. 209

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How my mother's fanatical views tore us apart

By Rebecca Walker

23rd May 2008 Read the whole story on Mail Online

She's revered as a trail-blazing feminist and author Alice Walker touched the lives of a generation of women. A champion of women's rights, she has always argued that motherhood is a form of servitude. But one woman didn't buy in to Alice's beliefs - her daughter, Rebecca, 38.

Here the writer describes what it was like to grow up as the daughter of a cultural icon, and why she feels so blessed to be the sort of woman 64-year-old Alice despises - a mother.

The other day I was vacuuming when my son came bounding into the room. 'Mummy, Mummy, let me help,' he cried. His little hands were grabbing me around the knees and his huge brown eyes were looking up at me. I was overwhelmed by a huge surge of happiness.

I love the way his head nestles in the crook of my neck. I love the way his face falls into a mask of eager concentration when I help him learn the alphabet. But most of all, I simply love hearing his little voice calling: 'Mummy, Mummy.'

It reminds me of just how blessed I am. The truth is that I very nearly missed out on becoming a mother - thanks to being brought up by a rabid feminist who thought motherhood was about the worst thing that could happen to a woman.

You see, my mum taught me that children enslave women. I grew up believing that children are millstones around your neck, and the idea that motherhood can make you blissfully happy is a complete fairytale.

In fact, having a child has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Far from 'enslaving' me, three-and-a-half-year-old Tenzin has opened my world. My only regret is that I discovered the joys of motherhood so late...

Read the whole story on Mail Online

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Harper Government wishes to silence the Auditor General

by Ron Gray May 06, 2008

Sample ImageThe Harper Government wishes to silence the Auditor General! Let’s see. Isn’t that the very department whose mandate is to keep the government accountable?

On 6 May, 2008 it was reported by the Canadian Press that there has been growing tension between the Harper Government and the Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser. Fraser said she received a notice that the government wanted to vet her public communications. Should the Conservative government be successful in this venture, we Canadians would then only have access to information which the government approves. How convenient for them!

The Office of the Auditor General of Canada audits federal government operations and provides Parliament with independent information, advice, and assurance regarding the federal government’s stewardship of public funds. Because the position of the Auditor General of Canada is committed to transparency, and the highest, ethical standards in financial administration, Parliament must use Fraser’s reports to improve government management and accountability. It is the auditor’s role to examine the government’s performance and report to the Canadian public via Parliament. How can the Conservative Government even suggest such an action? It was their campaign speeches after all, which loudly proclaimed that they were going to make parliament more ‘accountable’—and now they want to conceal her findings? Muzzle the watch dog? Suppress the truth? What do they want to hide?

The CHP insists that as an officer of Parliament, the Auditor General must be able to maintain her independent status, or her role becomes meaningless.

For what scandal should we be bracing ourselves next? Makes us wonder.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maclean's Responds to the Ontario Human Rights Commissioner

"Is it normal when declining a case (or, in this case, a complaint) for a commission, court or tribunal to then deliver a guilty verdict? For that's what the press statement, directly, or by forceful implication, did...."---CBC's Rex Murphy, quoted in the Maclean's editorial

Read the full editorial at Maclean's

Read Ezra Levant's Commentary on the same topic

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Scientist David Archibald Predicts Global Cooling Soon

Addressing the "Greener Skies 2008" conference in Hong Kong, solar scientist David Archibald presented evidence that climate change is mostly dictated by solar cycles, not carbon dioxide levels. You can read his entire presentation here.
NOTE: Claims put forward in this paper are the opinion of the author. We thought it was interesting information and a useful backdrop to frantic global efforts to control carbon dioxide, population levels and other aspects of human social development.

Information gleaned from the WorldNetDaily

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda

If you live in Skeena-Bulkley Valley, you’ve no doubt received the latest report from MP Nathan Cullen (Spring Report ’08), highlighting his service and accomplishments for the region. I hope you got one because you did pay for it. This piece of shameless partisan literature comes out four times each year and gives the sitting MP of whatever political stripe an opportunity to get his message into every household with a mailing address and costs him and his party nothing. While it purports to be an information package (and indeed it does contain some useful resource links) it has “NDP” emblazoned on the first three pages, is printed in NDP colours, uses the NDP logo and carries an NDP message. It is political propaganda, plain and simple.

It is extremely well done, mind you. Nathan and his team are efficient and talented. They recognize the value of this tool and make the most of the opportunity. It is well-written, well laid out and urges interaction from the voter, uh, I mean reader. It mentions what Nathan has done for you, what he can do for you in the future and invites you to contact him. I’m going to speculate that the direct and indirect costs of this brochure in Skeena-Bulkley Valley are in the neighbourhood of $8,000 each time or $32,000 per year. It could be more. This is pure speculation, mind you, based only on past experience with printing and postage. Ah, but Nathan may say, “There is no postage cost for correspondence between an MP and his constituents.” That would be NDP economics philosophy but in the real world, goods and services cost money and costs not paid in any other way come directly from the pocket of the long-suffering taxpayer. It’s not enough that the NDP receives direct deposits from the taxpayer each and every year to conduct expensive election campaigns. (Ottawa shells out about $30 million each year to the big four parties with members in the House.) On top of that, four times each year I am obliged to help pay the costs of this self-serving brochure which sounds so noble and leaves all the important things unsaid.

So, according to the brochure, what did Nathan do?
  • He spent taxpayers’ money---every time he says he “got” or “ensured” federal spending, he means that taxpayers paid for a project. Don’t get me wrong, some of these are good things. But government is about a lot more than doling out money and wringing it out of the taxpayer’s hide. Government’s primary role really should be to protect people, ensure their freedom and security and maintain a level playing field where they can prosper and succeed.
  • He promoted Al Gore’s version of reality. Nathan has busied himself making sure that every schoolchild has seen “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore’s masterful misrepresentation of “climate change”. (The phrase “global warming” has already gone out of style because that pesky climate just doesn’t keep following Al’s creative predictions. With little real temperature change since 2001 and now the regrowth of Arctic ice, “climate change” has become a less risky concept. After all, that’s what climates do---change.)
  • He visited people around the electoral district. Well I guess…In Skeena-Bulkley Valley, what comes with the territory is---territory! It’s good that during slow periods in Ottawa, Nathan can gas up at taxpayer expense and visit the people who put him in office.

The details lacking in Nathan’s Spring Report are “What did he NOT do?”

  • For one, he FAILED to defend life. It was so simple. C-484 was designed with him in mind. He could have voted to protect the Unborn Victims of Crime. But he and his colleagues got jittery about recognizing the unborn person and sided with the violent attackers of women instead.
  • He FAILED to defend traditional marriage. When Stephen Harper put forward his pathetically weak motion, asking whether the House “wished to revisit the issue of same-sex marriage”, Nathan predictably said “No”.
  • He FAILED to defend democracy and freedom of speech. Since 2005, I’ve been waiting for Nathan to speak one word in defense of courageous truth-speakers like Ron Gray and Chris Kempling who are being attacked on phony “human rights” grounds. All is quiet because Nathan and his supporters oppose the truthful messages that Ron and Chris are speaking. And when the Supreme Court violates the Constitution (1995 Egan case), nary a peep!
  • He FAILED to defend taxpayers. How you spend taxpayers’ money is a moral issue. Every MP should be calling for government spending restraint and the paydown of national debt. Our massive interest payments today rob our children of resources for tomorrow.
  • He FAILED to defend the Constitution, which asserts “the supremacy of God”. If every MP would seek to write legislation consistent with our mandate to submit to divine order in our homes, businesses and government, Canada would know the blessing of God to a degree we’ve not yet seen!

So when the NDP or any other party puts out a brochure full of carefully selected items to win your hearts and then bills you for it through taxes---what do you do? The only thing you can do…first pay your taxes (“Render unto Caesar…”) and then go to work promoting the CHP---the ONLY pro-life, pro-family federal party and the ONLY one that supports the “supremacy of God” clause in Canada’s Constitution. Our freedoms are vanishing fast and they’re using YOUR money to promote a godless, self-centred, atheistic society for your children. Let’s hold them accountable for what they do and what they FAIL to do!

By Rod Taylor March 21, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gay Activists to Speak in Ontario Elementary Schools

By Hilary White

OTTAWA, February 8, 2008 ( - Ken O'Day, chairman of the Renfrew County Family Action Council, has sent a letter to Ontario Education Minister Kathleen Wynne, asking for the cancellation of a planned visit by homosexual activists to an Ottawa Valley school, Goulbourn Middle School, in Stittsville, Ontario. A school newsletter confirms that an Ottawa-based homosexual lobby organization will send speakers to the school this year to bring the group's "diversity training" to grade 7 and 8 students.

Mr. O'Day asked the minister to ensure that "gay agendas in our schools will be stopped."

"Parents, teachers and anyone else with a rational mind," he wrote, "are against any program that normalizes homosexual behaviour especially within the confines of our educational institutions. Our children attend school to receive an education in academic subjects and all topics, except for the biological and physiological aspects of sexual education, [which] belong to the parents only."

O'Day told that he has sent the emails also to George Smitherman, the Ontario Health Minister, who is a political homosexual activist. O'Day said the purpose of the circulars, which were sent additionally to local family supporters and MP Cheryl Gallant, was "so that parents could check with their school boards and see if similar things are going on."

"[Health Minister] Smitherman and [Education Minister] Wynne have a history of activism with the homosexual community and a lot of people aren't aware of that and should be aware that their views may be biased."

Mr. O'Day said that he has received "nothing but resistance" from school boards, including the Catholic school boards.

Kathleen Wynne is Ontario's first openly lesbian cabinet minister, having lived with another woman for over 25 years. Wynne helped found a community fundraising group that has donated over $50,000 to homosexual youth organizations. In 2001, Wynne helped pass a measure encouraging public schools to purchase pro-homosexual teaching materials.

The organization scheduled to appear in the school is the latest government-sponsored effort in "diversity" training for young people. Jer's Vision: Canada's Youth Diversity Initiative, is a registered charity that began as a scholarship funded by a Human Rights Commission settlement in a case brought against an Ontario school board.

The organization provides speakers for lectures and seminars in the Ottawa area on issues of "diversity training" and discrimination. University student volunteers are sent into high schools to "educate high school youth on diversity and respect."

Since establishing itself as one of Canada's foremost homosexual lobby groups, Jer's Vision has moved into new areas, including "education about religious discrimination".

Jer's Vision, a registered charity, was started by a high school homosexual activist, Jeremy Diaz, who attempted to force school officials to adopt a "Positive Space" policy at his school. After the board refused to cooperate a petition that ultimately garnered only 15 per cent of student support was circulated in the school.

When Sir James Dunn Collegiate and Vocational School in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario refused to cooperate with the programme that would have seen the active promotion of homosexuality as a legitimate "lifestyle", Diaz launched a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission against the school and the Algoma District School Board.

After three years, the Algoma District School Board offered a financial settlement, but refused to apologize or make changes in the district or the school.

Using the money from the settlement, Diaz, who is now a 21-year-old psychology and political science student at the University Of Ottawa, established a scholarship touted by his organization as "the first national LGBTQ scholarship for youth in Canada".

In 2006, the scholarship fund was changed to a national charity activist organization, of which Diaz is the executive director, that has since received support both from government and the homosexual activist community, including recently, a cheque for $1000.00 from Mr Leather Ottawa, an organization that holds an annual sado-masochistic sex show competition. In the same year, the City of Ottawa awarded Diaz its Youth Citizen of the Year award.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reporters Blow Whistle on Fox News

YouTube video shows Fox covering up for Monsanto.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kangaroo Court

I have just returned home from my session at the kangaroo court, called the Alberta human rights commission. Here is my opening statement that I delivered at the interrogation. I will post more details about the interrogation soon.

Alberta Human Rights Commission Interrogation

Opening remarks by Ezra Levant, January 11, 2008 – Calgary

My name is Ezra Levant. Before this government interrogation begins, I will make a statement.

When the Western Standard magazine printed the Danish cartoons of Mohammed two years ago, I was the publisher. It was the proudest moment of my public life. I would do it again today. In fact, I did do it again today. Though the Western Standard, sadly, no longer publishes a print edition, I posted the cartoons this morning on my website,

I am here at this government interrogation under protest. It is my position that the government has no legal or moral authority to interrogate me or anyone else for publishing these words and pictures. That is a violation of my ancient and inalienable freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and in this case, religious freedom and the separation of mosque and state. It is especially perverted that a bureaucracy calling itself the Alberta human rights commission would be the government agency violating my human rights. So I will now call those bureaucrats “the commission” or “the hrc”, since to call the commission a “human rights commission” is to destroy the meaning of those words.

I believe that this commission has no proper authority over me. The commission was meant as a low-level, quasi-judicial body to arbitrate squabbles about housing, employment and other matters, where a complainant felt that their race or sex was the reason they were discriminated against. The commission was meant to deal with deeds, not words or ideas. Now the commission, which is funded by a secular government, from the pockets of taxpayers of all backgrounds, is taking it upon itself to be an enforcer of the views of radical Islam. So much for the separation of mosque and state.

I have read the past few years’ worth of decisions from this commission, and it is clear that it has become a dump for the junk that gets rejected from the real legal system. I read one case where a male hair salon student complained that he was called a “loser” by the girls in the class. The commission actually had a hearing about this. Another case was a kitchen manager with Hepatitis-C, who complained that it was against her rights to be fired. The commission actually agreed with her, and forced the restaurant to pay her $4,900. In other words, the commission is a joke – it’s the Alberta equivalent of a U.S. television pseudo-court like Judge Judy – except that Judge Judy actually was a judge, whereas none of the commission’s panellists are judges, and some aren’t even lawyers. And, unlike the commission, Judge Judy believes in freedom of speech.

It’s bad enough that this sick joke is being wreaked on hair salons and restaurants. But it’s even worse now that the commissions are attacking free speech. That’s my first point: the commissions have leapt out of the small cage they were confined to, and are now attacking our fundamental freedoms. As Alan Borovoy, Canada’s leading civil libertarian, a man who helped form these commissions in the 60’s and 70’s, wrote, in specific reference to our magazine, being a censor is, quote,“hardly the role we had envisioned for human rights commissions. There should be no question of the right to publish the impugned cartoons.” Unquote. Since the commission is so obviously out of control, he said quote “It would be best, therefore, to change the provisions of the Human Rights Act to remove any such ambiguities of interpretation.” Unquote.
The commission has no legal authority to act as censor. It is not in their statutory authority. They’re just making it up – even Alan Borovoy says so.
But even if the commissions had some statutory fig leaf for their attempts at political and religious censorship, it would still be unlawful and unconstitutional.
We have a heritage of free speech that we inherited from Great Britain that goes back to the year 1215 and the Magna Carta. We have a heritage of eight hundred years of British common law protection for speech, augmented by 250 years of common law in Canada.
That common law has been restated in various fundamental documents, especially since the Second World War.

In 1948, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Canada is a party, declared that, quote:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights guaranteed, quote

1. “ human rights and fundamental freedoms, namely,

(c) freedom of religion; (d) freedom of speech; (e) freedom of assembly and association; and (f) freedom of the press.

In 1982, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteed, quote:

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
a) freedom of conscience and religion;
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
Those were even called “fundamental freedoms” – to give them extra importance.

For a government bureaucrat to call any publisher or anyone else to an interrogation to be quizzed about his political or religious expression is a violation of 800 years of common law, a Universal Declaration of Rights, a Bill of Rights and a Charter of Rights. This commission is applying Saudi values, not Canadian values.

It is also deeply procedurally one-sided and unjust. The complainant – in this case, a radical Muslim imam, who was trained at an officially anti-Semitic university in Saudi Arabia, and who has called for sharia law to govern Canada – doesn’t have to pay a penny; Alberta taxpayers pay for the prosecution of the complaint against me. The victims of the complaints, like the Western Standard, have to pay for their own lawyers from their own pockets. Even if we win, we lose – the process has become the punishment. (At this point, I’d like to thank the magazine’s many donors who have given their own money to help us fight against the Saudi imam and his enablers in the Alberta government.)

It is procedurally unfair. Unlike real courts, there is no way to apply for a dismissal of nuisance lawsuits. Common law rules of evidence don’t apply. Rules of court don’t apply. It is a system that is part Kafka, and part Stalin. Even this interrogation today – at which I appear under duress – saw the commission tell me who I could or could not bring with me as my counsel and advisors.

I have no faith in this farcical commission. But I do have faith in the justice and good sense of my fellow Albertans and Canadians. I believe that the better they understand this case, the more shocked they will be. I am here under your compulsion to answer the commission’s questions. But it is not I who am on trial: it is the freedom of all Canadians.

You may start your interrogation.