Saturday, October 28, 2006

Crossing the Line

Today's chaotic pace and the cacophony of mixed messages, both urgent and convincing, compel listeners / viewers / readers to focus on and analyze a myriad of inputs or block and delete---if only to maintain sanity.

The cries of "Injustice!" coming from left and right are so adamant and unapologetic as to dim the fact that sometimes the fastest way to get East is to go West.

While partisan camps endorse or oppose anything from the Big Box to the War on Terror to the War on the Unborn, many non-partisans are left to assume that all deep-thinking people will only join or vote for a certain party---they just can't agree on which party that is. The issues that divide a thinking populace are overlapping, not mutually exclusive. The information explosion, accompanied by the enhanced theatrics of an outraged advocate encourages complex people to make simple but unsatisfying choices, leaving the investigation of claims and counter-claims to the cadre of one's choice.

But some folks are not content to feast forever on pre-digested pablum but must have the real thing---meat that is savoury, fruits and vegetables that are vine-ripened. They acquire not only tastes but real choices. They are able to distinguish between information and peer pressure to conform.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of modern politics will be found, not in the passage of legislation embraced by the Left or the Right but by the release from bondage of a generation of creative thinkers who are able to stand on their own two feet and speak their minds. The proper and logical conclusion to many debates may be within our grasp if today's voters / editors / politicians give themselves permission to disagree with their high-profile leaders / readers and constituents. Blind allegiance to one's party imperils the ability to see the big picture. If there had ever been one group with no blind spots we would need only one nation, one party, one church, one university, one newspaper today. But diversity of thought, like fresh water flowing into a lake, brings nutrients, oxygen and cleansing for the mind. Think about it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Engendering Confusion

by Rod Taylor

Thomas Barker (Interior News, Oct 18, A5) has asked some good questions and I thank him for acknowledging, in a democracy, the importance of freedom of speech and conscience. However, faulty logic has resulted in a misrepresentation of pro-family advocates. He insinuates that people like me, who believe marriage is only possible between a man and a woman, must therefore be questioning the “personhood” of homosexuals. Nothing could be further from the truth.

All men and women, regardless of their sexual behaviours deserve the protection of the law from violence and slander. All are persons and deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. This is not a “rights” issue like the denial of voting rights or access to education. We are talking about marriage, the foundation of family life. A homosexual relationship cannot produce children and no amount of fanfare can give it the kind of generational impact exercised by the traditional family.

A man might similarly claim a “right” to bear children. Claiming that right would not make it possible. He is not designed that way.

Thomas is absolutely right to remind his readers that legislatures and courts have in the past wrongly denied the personhood of women, of First Nations people, of blacks in the US and Jews in Germany. This analogy fits the plight of the unborn child in Canada since the Supreme Court today claims the child is not a “person” until the head emerges from the birth canal---a preposterous assertion which results in the deaths of over 100,000 little people in Canada each year. But it is totally irrelevant to same-sex marriage since no groups are denying the personhood of homosexuals.

The goal of family values advocates is not to attack or demean people who are struggling with their sexual identities but to protect our children from the forced approbation of behaviours harmful to their health and well being.

Thomas quotes Nathan Cullen (Oct 18 page A9) as saying no further protection of freedom of conscience is needed since freedom of religion is mentioned in the Charter. Why then was Chris Kempling suspended for three months for writing a letter to the paper about same-sex marriage? Why was Scott Brockie fined $5,000 and ordered to pay $40,000 of costs for refusing, as a matter of conscience, to print materials promoting the homosexual movement? Mr. Cullen has shown no interest in defending their freedom of speech or conscience.

Mr Cullen also lamented the “weird mixing of church and state.” These words ignore that secular humanism is itself a religion and political correctness its creed. The “separation of church and state” is meant to protect the free exercise of religion from government control. Our Constitution begins with these words: “…Canada is founded upon principles which recognise the supremacy of God and the rule of law…” The so-called defenders of the Constitution seem willing to ignore its foundational premise, God’s supreme authority in all matters. To separate morality from public policy is to ignore our responsibility to future generations.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Entering the Blogosphere

Opening the door...just a crack. The weighty doors groan on the ancient hinges...light pours in, dust motes drifting across the light beams...old armour stands at attention, rusty chain mail, once polished with action and bravado, now waits in silent anticipation for the thunder of hooves and the clang of sword on shield.

The creak of harness and the calling into array. Heavy shiftings of restless warhorses, stabled too long but eager for the dust of tumult...the banners furled are sought in dim and musty corners...a few minutes in the breeze and their flapping gives to snapping!

The green hills roll away to the West and bright flashings of the mounted are seen again in glintings of the fresh and splashing riffles, men and horses dashing on through streams...the long necks and snorting lips drink rivers freely and are refreshed for the days ahead...days of mountings and spurrings, of hurryings in the semi-dark...shouts of joy and cries of urgency.

The Mighty Host begin to crest the hill...banners and medallions, shields and long-since silently sheathed swords. All are awakening with prayers and dreaming in their sleep of brave acts and stout words to call to life a nation from the dim ranks of wistful warriors.