Saturday, March 24, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mercy and Justice

Without Mercy, Justice would be harsh,
But with her he is tender.
Without Justice, Mercy would be lost,
Having no defender.

So many in the courts today
And in the halls of power---
Throw all their hopes on Mercy
And from Justice do they cower.

They think by trading sword for shield
And banishing Truth’s blade
They’ll reap the fruit that virtues yield
Though virtue’s image fade.

They think in Mercy only
They’ll find an easy rest
Without Justice to provide them either
Measurement or test.

They hoist a flag uncoloured;
Pirates plunder fast their hold
But in shipwreck or surrender
Their hands will yet grow cold.

The shield of Mercy covers well;
Its edge is ever soft
And shelters many in its shade
When it is held aloft.

But it cannot turn the battle tide
Nor force the routed foe
The sword of Justice must be raised
While Mercy shields the blow.

So call forth now your banners!
Unfurl them one by one!
And call on deck your sleeping crew
And powder every gun!

The robbers of the open sea
Do seek our weak submission
But resolute and daring
We must meet them in collision.

Collusion is their frontispiece
And calumny their finis---
But we have taken sacred vows
And Justice lives within us!

Copyright March 2007 by Rod Taylor