Wednesday, December 31, 2008

They Should be Happy Now---the Tank is Half Empty

by Rod Taylor Deputy Leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada
For several years now, the "coalition" parties have been calling for a slowing of development, less industry, less consumption of manufactured goods---all in the name of "saving the environment". Based on faulty science and propelled by hype, the bogus claim that CO2 is responsible for yet-unproven global warming has been the justification for policies worldwide more likely to usher in oppressive world government than to produce cleaner air or more sustainable forests and ice floes.

Now that a confluence of political and economic forces has resulted in a series of financial crises and we have the results so sought-after by the confused (less development, less industry, less consumption), one would expect the leaders of the movement to be ecstatic. Instead, they are racing around looking for ways to stimulate the economy, support the big auto business and protect the "rights" of political parties to feed from the public trough.

While conspiring to overthrow the government, they talk about "working together". While opposing corporate tax cuts, they insist on multi-billion dollar corporate bailouts. Happy with half-truths, they use the term "pay equity" to energize their base, rather than "equal pay for equal work", a concept we could all agree on. They use "death with dignity" to justify the killing of the aged and the infirm. George Orwell, in "1984" exposed this insidious abuse of language as a prop for the acceptance of evil. Public deception at public expense is a public disgrace.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Isn't it interesting...

by Elaine Taylor
Isn't it interesting.

If we take CHP into the public square, we are too religious.

We let liars speak in the public square. We are so tolerant.

We let wreckers speak in the public square. We are so tolerant.

We let God-haters speak in the public square. We are tolerantly dumb.

We pay, with our taxes, liars, wreckers, censors, & God-haters (whether misguided or intentional, the result is the same), to indoctrinate us. (national broadcasting, public education).

If we take CHP into the church, we are too political.

We say we believe in absolutes. Some things are wrong.

We say we believe absolute truth can only be based in God's Truth.

Do we really believe this?

Do we have convictions, or do we have mere preferences?

Do we have boldness or do we have timidity?

You may believe our "true North (is) strong & free", but why are you whispering?

Are church leaders more afraid of losing their tax exempt status than their freedom?

They will lose their tax-exempt status eventually anyway, and then their freedom, because both will be taken away. Better to lose it on principle, standing for what is right, than simply concede defeat to secular

What part of Christian Heritage Party is so scary or irrelevant or inappropriate or unscriptural that it cannot be presented with equal opportunity when we are faced with fulfilling our civic duty, that is, participating in the democratic privilege of helping to choose our country's leaders?

The secularists (our state religion) have no qualms about using the state's institutions to promote their Godless agenda. They are true to what they believe, while we won't even talk about the issues in the congregation lest we offend someone who disagrees.

We're taught throughout scripture & in church that the man of integrity has a walk consistent with his talk. The unbeliever's biggest complaint against Christians that I have heard over the years is this hypocrisy. Granted, with the world we're damned if we do & damned if we don't. But for which would you rather be criticised?

Do we really believe our faith should affect all areas of our lives? Well what about our politics? Does it make sense - is it consistent - to acknowledge as a legal & viable contender for Canada's leadership, a political party that upholds the very value system and democracy that derives from JudeoChristian foundations? No other party can claim that.

If 'viable' is a word that chokes you up, you must be fair and consider this: Our eda has about 60,000 eligible voters, with appr. 40,000 of those turning out to vote. 40,000 voters have the opportunity, the freedom, to vote for a CHP candidate. Every single one has that one vote with which to do the right thing, or to throw away to someone with whom they only agree somewhat. So how can you say CHP doesn't have a chance? Where does chance come into it? Do Christians go into the voter's cubicle blindfolded & play pin the X on the donkey? Or spin a wheel of fortune? It sounds like CHP would have better odds of winning that way than counting on Christians who prefer to play with a stacked deck, having already replaced the King with a jack.

If you & each of your friends & each of their friends simply voted on principle, and trusted God for the results, we could begin to reclaim the territory the secularists have stolen from our grandchildren. Since when does strategy qualify as faith? If we believe God is in control, then we'd better be caught doing what is right & good & true & acting in faith, for surely He is faithful, whatever the results. We know that in this life we won't always see the results of our making good choices - sometimes the right choice is even to our own hurt - at the time, anyway. But God is the ultimate judge, & we do not need to strategise for Him. We obey. He is faithful. Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord.

Friday, December 05, 2008

A Letter to Canadians from the CHP National Leader

December 4, 2008 by Jim Hnatiuk

Fundamental to good government is honesty, integrity and transparency. Regrettably, i
t is the total departure from these attributes that has brought instability, vain conceit and disingenuous motives to our nation's capital.

Prime Minister Harper must bear much of the blame for this crisis; the Conservative Party is after all the instigator. Leaders must lead, but equally important is the need to serve the people. The failure to provide conciliatory leadership during a minority government has resulted in today's chaos. Most Canadians do believe that the issue that precipitated this conflict was the Prime Minister's threat to cut subsidies to political parties.

Eliminating such subsidies is not an attack on democracy as the coalition members decry, but would represent a return to democracy. While the CHP would applaud the policy, it was unfortunately, recklessly proposed by the PM.

It should be pointed out to Canadians, that contrary to what they hear in the media, not all political parties benefit from such a funding scheme. The CHP has never received such funding, but is 100% member supported and funded.

The NDP and Liberals may never admit it, but the selfish ambition of the coalition is obvious and their attempts to convince Canadians to the contrary are pitiable. Driven together through greed, they saw an unprecedented opportunity to gain leverage and power, so they selfishly put partisanship aside and entered into negotiations for power with the Bloc.

While the Canadian economy is not collapsing, the economic signals are worrisome. Indeed, according to most analysts, Canada is one of the healthiest of the G8. It is also untrue, that the Conservative government has done nothing. On the contrary, they have acted with prudence in the face of the global economic crisis. There have been tax reductions at both the personal and the corporate levels which in themselves will act to modestly stimulate the economy. The question is, can we do more, and where should we put our focus?

Should we bail out the ailing auto industry? This requires careful analysis, not a quick fix by throwing millions of taxpayer's dollars at a patient that may not survive.
It needs to be pointed out that Canada is in desperate need of infrastructure renewal, and this has been the case for some time. Cities for successive elections have begged Ottawa to do something to help them cope with the problem. This is an issue on which all of the parties in the House of Commons have failed Canada.

The CHP has proposed for some time, an infrastructure policy that has already been used successfully in Canada. It's a simple, non-inflationary policy that was applied in Canada at the end of WWII. Implemented by the Liberals under C.D. Howe, McKenzie King's minister of reconstruction, it worked very well.

The Bank of Canada would issue interest-free loans to cities, municipalities, provinces and Crown corporations for infrastructure projects, such as water and sewage treatment systems, airports, bridges etc... which are in dire need of revamping. The builder, the province, would collect revenues from increased economic activity, which would be used to pay back the interest free loan and the money would then be withdrawn from the economy, so it wouldn't have an inflationary consequence. But the improved infrastructure would remain.

This policy has been used successfully in our nation's history, and should be implemented again to enable communities to meet urgent, current needs.

In addition, Canada would benefit greatly if out of this crisis emerged a truly democratic parliament with proportional representation, where the vote of every citizen would count, and political parties succeeded or failed depending on their own grassroots support, rather than feeding at the public trough. Such improvements to our democracy would benefit our nation by empowering the grassroots political involvement of citizens, leading to a more active electorate and increased voter turnout.

The CHP is a federal party that continues to offer Canada stability, honesty and loyalty. The CHP will only seek to lead through service, according to principle, for the good of the country, not just for the good of our political party.

Now that the Governor General has prorogued parliament, we hope that cooler heads will prevail in the coming months.

We know that during these times the focus should be on Canadian families and not the corporate sector. Before any policy is implemented, the question must be asked, "Is this good for Canadian families?"

Canadians should also note that all other parties have failed to put integrity and respect for human life ahead of power and finances. This abandonment of historic moral principles leaves all of them without a defence in claiming the moral high ground.

Historically, it has never been more important, that our nation's leaders recognize the constitutional requirement that Canada be governed in light of principles that recognizes the supremacy of God and the rule of law. Those principles made Canada the most desirable place in the world to live; and only the CHP is committed to restoring those principles for all Canadians.