Saturday, January 06, 2007

Liberal Leader Finds BiPartisan Cooperation "Bizarre"

In the wake of Wajid Khan's defection to the Conservatives, Liberal leader Stephane Dion commented that he always thought it "bizarre" that a Liberal MP could serve as a consultant to the Conservative prime minister.

This shows not only the narrowness of Mr. Dion's hopes and aspirations for Canada but also his failure to grasp the lessons of history. Sir Winston Churchill, one of recent history's most outstanding political leaders, who steered England and the world between the shoals of annihilation and tyranny, was a multiple floor-crosser and served his country in a variety of capacities from both sides of the house.

One would hope that most politicians, like the overwhelming majority of Canadians, would aspire to be participants in a governance style that embraces multi-party cooperation in the common interests of all Canadians.

I would like to thank Mr. Khan for his willingness to help the prime minister. Mr. Dion's failure to appreciate that contribution signals a shrinking world-view that grasps for power but shuns servanthood. Like Mr. Churchill, we should all look for the place where we can best serve our nation's interests.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

To all those working so hard to protect Life and Family and to restore Justice and Truth in Canada:

Thank you for your hard work and sacrifices. Almighty God is faithful and He declares that, even for a “cup of cold water” you shall never lose your reward.
However, I do wish, once again, to register my disappointment that, in the midst of our joint efforts, some of you continue to make excuses for the Conservative government of the Rt. Hon. Mr. Stephen Harper, based on its "minority" position. That minority position has not stopped Mr. Harper from taking strong and principled stands on other controversial subjects, like Kyoto, Israel, Afghanistan, income trusts, etc. Why then is it okay to "wimp out" on protection for the unborn and a true defense of the traditional family?
Review these facts:
· At the founding convention of the "new" Conservative Party, the members, with Mr. Harper's approval, passed a resolution stating that "a Conservative government will not support any legislation regulating abortion". Mr. Harper followed this up with his personal promise to do his best to keep legislation regarding abortion from coming to the floor of the House. He kept his promise by pressuring the committee to rule Leon Benoit's "Unborn Victims of Violence" bill "unvotable", thus killing the most meaningful and hopeful piece of legislation put forward so far to establish "personhood" for the unborn.
· Mr. Harper's government continues to apply legal pressure to New Brunswick to fund private abortion clinics.
· Mr. Harper's powerful core has dictated that Conservative candidates, including recent byelection candidate, Dianne Haskett, may not answer questionnaires from pro-life groups such as Campaign Life Coalition, preventing these candidates from giving a full and forceful defense of their pro-life positions.
· Mr. Harper's poorly-planned and poorly-defended motion re. reopening the debate on same-sex marriage was not only doomed to fail (a Royal Commission to study the matter with a complete vetting of the issue would have been much better) but the wording of the motion gave tacit support to same-sex civil unions and guaranteed the ongoing endorsement of the government for the 12,000 same-sex "marriages" that have been solemnized to date. The lack of a forceful approach to this critical issue has resulted in the humiliation of the pro-family position.
While I congratulate Mr. Harper for his successes and achievements, I continue to support the only truly pro-life, pro-family national party, the Christian Heritage Party. The CHP policies are rooted in the foundational statement in the Preamble to the Charter: "...Canada is founded upon principles which recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law..." All righteous legislation can be built around this concept enshrined in our Constitution. These principles do not change with the winds of political opportunism. It's interesting that the Conservative Party at its founding convention substituted the words "supremacy of democratic parliamentary institutions" for the Canadian Constitution's "supremacy of God".Thanks again for your good efforts. Let’s keep the Truth in the forefront as we seek to influence politicians and citizens of all parties to become defenders of Life, Family and Justice. All the best in 2007.