Thursday, February 26, 2009

Firearm Ownership is Your RIGHT

by Jim Hnatiuk CHP National Leader

Canadian gun owners are discovering that the CHP promotes and champions the right to own a firearm and the right to own and enjoy their private property. The CHP also believes these rights must be embedded in our Constitution.

Trappers, seal hunters, fishermen, elk and wild boar farmers, like all Canadians, need an assurance that the hard-earned reward of their labour is protected under the law inasmuch as they have a right to own their property. Currently, there is no such assurance, since the right to private property was intentionally left out of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The CHP policy 6.7.7 clearly states: “We assert that the federal government must not restrict the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, whether for sporting use or for self-defence.”

CHP policy 7.1.6 states: “We believe the ‘Charter of Rights’ should be amended to include the right to private ownership and enjoyment of property.”

CHP Canada is willing to take a stand on behalf of gun owners, gun retailers, and recreational shooting ranges.

Canadian governments have tried to make Canada a safer country by enacting tighter firearms control. The results:
 A gross misuse of Canadian taxpayer’s dollars
 More Canadians feel unsafe in their homes, offices, and streets than at any other time in our history

The newly developed Canadian Firearms Institute ( recently reported that Canada's Gun Registry has cost Canadians one half million dollars per day, and two billion dollars over 10 years. The useful information gleaned is that only 2.27% of the guns used in homicides are registered. How does this information help to prevent crime or make us safer? The truth is that it doesn’t.

Gary Mauser, a leading Canadian criminologist says, “the track record of 'gun control' actually reducing criminal violence is not good. No government in the world can boast that the introduction of stricter firearms laws has actually reduced criminal violence. Firearms have been banned in Jamaica, Hong Kong, New York City, and Washington, DC, without leading to decreases in homicides.” So what we have in Canada are successive governments spending a lot of your money - for little or no return! And a reduction in individual liberty.

The CHP's "Better Solution" is...not to restrict the liberty of law abiding Canadian citizens but rather to appropriately punish criminals who attack our society. CHP Canada understands that this is where the deterrent should be applied. How many police officers and other effective resources could this money fund?
In every other area of public activity – training is implemented to achieve greater safety. Why can’t our government understand that this is also true with firearms? The CHP does! Instead of the gun registry, a better solution is to invest in providing the best of training for our citizens, and to provide the technical expertise, facilities and instructions through certified education programs. This would develop and encourage the sport, enhance safety, and allow people to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities.

Better Solutions begin at

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