Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flag-Flying BC Government Surrenders to Gay Activists

Usually when a besieged city surrenders, it hoists a white flag. But the beleaguered BC Government in Victoria signaled its surrender by hoisting the rainbow flag over the BC Legislature in a very tortured attempt to show "solidarity" with homosexual and lesbian activists around the world. The ostensible trigger point for this foolish display was the hysterical reaction to Russia's recent enactment of a law making it illegal to promote activities and behaviours to young children---behaviours which could be harmful to their health and development. The list of such behaviours include: inducing addiction to alcohol, tobacco, violence and bloodshed, pornography and early sexuality, including homosexuality. If only our western governments would take some steps to protect young children from those who would corrupt, pervert and abuse them!

Following the lead of Kari Simpson of Culture Guard and Roadkill Radio fame, I have written a letter to the BC Premier, the Attorney General and my own MP and I urge each of you to do the same. This is ridiculous to have the BC Government aligning itself with the radical gay lobby. We know they already are imposing those views on young children in BC public schools but to assume a moral superiority in dictating to the Russians in the one area where Russia is actually showing responsibility is a little bit much! My letter is below and below that is the contact info for the Premier and the Attorney General. Be sure to contact your own MP as well. Folks, the agenda keeps moving forward. It is tiresome but we must take a stand and hold these elected representatives accountable. They are violating their solemn duty to provide a safe and secure social framework for childhood development. We must speak up and not let them assume that nobody will notice.

Letter to the Premier and Attorney General:

Dear Premier Clark, Attorney General Suzanne Anton and Hon. Doug Donaldson: I am appalled that you would allow the rainbow flag to fly over the BC Legislature in a misguided expression of "solidarity" with the proponents of non-traditional sexual orientation. The excuse that our province is attempting to make a political statement in support of equal rights for those of non-traditional sexual practices and relationships in Russia, is both ignorant of the facts and outside the scope of BC's involvement with the Olympic Games. Anyone who has studied the issue with an open mind knows that the Russian law recently enacted was intended to protect children from harmful propaganda and from the pressure to participate in unhealthy sexual practices. The sudden abandonment of every vestige of propriety and self-respect (by identifying the government of BC with the radical fringe of the gay movement) is such an egregious example of political cowardice in the face of social terrorism and media complicity that I wonder how you can expect BC residents to retain any honour for the offices which you hold. 

I beg you to take down this offensive flag and disavow the public statements that were given when it was raised. Enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games and---when you have a minute---begin thinking about how we can protect BC children from the harmful sexual propaganda that is being foisted on them every day in BC schools, in BC media and by those who want to destroy the moral traditional foundations of family and society. 

With hope that reason and morality may once again be lifted up in this province, 
Rod Taylor 

Call or email your MLA, the Premier and the AG:

Premier Christy Clark 
email: premier@gov.bc.ca
 phone: 250 387-1715

Hon. Suzanne Anton
email: jag.minister@gov.bc.ca
phone: 250 387-1866

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